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Small Practices Advisory Committee

In May 2007, the Small Practices Advisory Committee was formed to provide a voice for small practitioners.


The objectives of the Small Practices Advisory Committee are to:

  • provide a forum for identifying and addressing the common needs of members in small practices;
  • promote the interests of members in small practices within the overall profession;
  • encourage active participation of members in small practices in shaping the future of the profession; and
  • look for opportunities to attract members to small practices.

Resources For Small Practices

The Small Practices Advisory Committee works with CPA Ontario to develop practical resources to assist small practices to communicate their values and specific expertise.

Current Members

The current members of the committee are:

Andrew Barber, CPA, CGA Hamilton
Kenneth Bell, CPA, CA Brampton
Cara Chesney, CPA, CA Kingston
Mary De Amicis, CPA, CMA Bolton
Edward Fink, CPA, CA (Chair) Toronto
Jason Harris, CPA, CA Sarnia
Noah Jensen, CPA, CA Cambridge
Stephen Lutvak , CPA, CA Windsor
Herbert Matis, CPA, CMA Caledon East
Denham Patterson, CPA, CA Toronto
Susan Rice, CPA, CGA Brantford
Howard Shen, FCPA, FCGA Richmond Hill
Robert Smith, CPA, CGA Ottawa
Laura Szczepaniak, CPA, CA Sault Ste. Marie
Greg Tierney, CPA, CMA Kanata

CPA Ontario wishes to urge all interested members to forward their views and input by email to Practice Advisory or to the committee member in your region for consideration at upcoming committee meetings.